You are just as valuable as the next person


I used to be so guilty of this.
Looking at others with admiration while doubting my own value.

For years I felt not good enough cause I was trying to be things I was never meant to be.

I tried so hard to be outgoing and popular in school but failed miserably cause I remained the shy and introverted girl who daydreamed too much and spent way too much time reading books or writing songs.

I tried so hard to be like the perfect mother who makes a gourmet dinner every night with a kid on her hip and a spotless home. I can honestly say there wasn’t ONE time where I managed all 3 simultaneously with a true smile on my face. I just can’t cook with a kid around and stay calm. I freak out if they’re too close to the oven, or if my hands are touching raw chicken and they suddenly need me to pick them up. And I certainly can’t keep a house spotless day after day after day. But nevertheless, I beat myself up for years and felt like I wasn’t “good enough” as a housewife.

I tried so hard to be a lot of things.

But I hardly ever took a look inward, and said “But wait a minute, what IS good about me?”

In short, I undervalued who I was and overvalued who others were.

Once I let go of trying to be who others were, and started looking inwardly at who I truly was, I was finally able to fall in love with Yaara – with the soul that I was given.

I realized that I have strengths. As well as weaknesses. And they are BOTH here to serve me. To help me reach higher, go further, love deeper.

Once I tried to be more of ME, it came NATURALLY. I wasn’t going against the current anymore. I simply started being more of me.

If you ever feel like you fall short, perhaps ask yourself if you’re undervaluing who you are and trying to be someone you were never meant to be anyway.

You are just as valuable as the next person, and it’s not a humble thing to look down upon yourself. We are supposed to love ourselves.

G-d created us. Not us. So it’s to His credit anyways that we’re amazing.

And we are. Each in our own way.

I hope we always remember this, and learn to truly value ourselves.

Cause when we take notice of our UNIQUE inner beauty, and learn to LOVE it, it starts to shine into the world.

And the world is waiting.

(quote by Malcolm Forbes)

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