Remember the “concerts” that I committed to booking in last week’s post?

I told myself that I’d book 3 to 5 concerts by Sunday. And to make myself accountable, I told three friends of mine that I’d pay them $50 each if I don’t have this done by Sunday.

I was so SURE I could do this if I just worked hard enough at it.

And so I called tons of places, emailed, messaged people and shared my post on different social media platforms, and the RESULTS are FINALLY in!

After all that work for a whole week I have …………….drumroll ………………not three, not five, but ……………………………. ONE measly little CONCERT that’s in the “works” of being booked.

It’s the sad truth.

Sorry to disappoint. But I was not able to book 3 – 5 concerts.

Sunday came, and I shamefully told my friends the embarrassing truth…. I lost the “bet”… Not only did I not have 3 concerts booked. I now owed $150.

UNTIL one of them exclaimed: “But Yaara! Remember? NOBODY is going to come save you. (Hmmm… do these words sound familiar?)

“Even with all the calls and emails, you are STILL counting on OTHER people to say yes. To “save you”. How can you book 2 more concerts right now that have NOTHING to do with other people helping you? But by YOU taking FULL responsibility of making it happen?”

And then I realized:

Oh yeah! If I HAD to make 2 more concerts happen, all by myself, without counting on ANYONE else to come save me what would I do? I would organize them on my OWN!

Right then and there I set 2 more dates and just like that, I won the bet.

Now I have 2 more concerts that I am organizing myself and doing from the comfort of my own home. Plus the “single” other one I booked.

So there you have it: 3 concerts. 2 virtual. 1 live. Mission accomplished.

Details coming soon! Stay tuned!

WE CREATE OUR OWN CIRCUMSTANCES. If the answer from the outside world is “no”, then we can still be the ones to tell ourselves YES.

– P.S. TWO more people called me back the next day and I am on my way to booking the 4th and 5th concert as well 🙂

I guess that’s just how things work, huh?


*For a 20% discount on the concert tickets you can email me at info@yaaramusic.com and I’ll send you a code to use when tickets are on sale!

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