With VERY mixed emotions, I bring you the SONG THAT STARTED IT ALL…. Neshama Tehora (Pure Soul).

This song is dedicated to the two souls I got to carry for a short time in this world, and who I will reunite with Be”H in the world to come. This is the song that started my whole journey of finally pursuing my music career.

It was one of the hardest times of my life. Two pregnancies that I lost back to back. Little did I know, it was HaShem’s way of giving me one of the greatest gifts of my life – waking me up to my soul’s bigger purpose.

One day, 3 months after losing my second pregnancy – at 15 weeks, I was laying on the floor of my office, and I could not seem to get out of a crying episode – a pain so deep, that emerged from the depths of my soul.

Instinctively I went to my piano, where I always go when I can’t put my emotions into words – when they are too much to handle… and this song was born.

This song healed me. I don’t know why. It was just sent to me from Above, and I felt like my pain of the last year, of so much loss, and so much sadness and feeling like I was in so much darkness – finally was able to be captured into a song, and it didn’t need to live inside me anymore. I was finally free.

I got up, and just KNEW. I knew that the time had come. I had to share my songs. If my songs had the ability to heal me, as well as inspire me to get so close to HaShem, then I wanted to share that with others. I felt PULLED to share it with the world.

So here it is. My saddest song on the album. It is not a song I can easily share, as it comes from the most vulnerable place inside me. Nevertheless, it IS an important part of my journey – the beginning of my journey – and so I must.

If you know of a woman who is in a similar situation I was in, of losing one of the most precious thing a woman can lose – consider if sharing this would help her feel less alone.

Every woman takes pregnancy loss differently so please be aware of that, and sensitive to her needs. But if you think that feeling less alone would help her, then tell her I know how she felt. And this is my soul’s cry. And perhaps it can help her start to heal as well.

May we only merit to hear good news – (besorot tovot) – always, and merit to sing HaShem’s praises forever and ever more.

**(This song is for women only, as there is Kol Isha)


The full album is now available to buy on:

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