Nobody is coming to save us.

Although I share my journey openly with you guys, I have to say, I really don’t like doing it, cause it means showing all of myself – the wins and the FAILS (which are so humiliating to share).
And when you’re on a journey somewhere, there’s no escaping it. There are ALWAYS bumps in the road, things you mess up, mistakes and failures along the way.
But if I have to make myself seem incompetent on the way to success, I will. If it means that I can normalize “failures” and show that they are just PART of the road to success, then I’m willing to be the “embarrassing example”, in the hopes that more people start their own journey, and don’t stop because of the fear of failure.

So here goes. My confession…

When I launched everything a couple of months ago, I immediately had 2 performances that I booked. By the grace of HaShem, two people just reached out to me, and it happened to be on “launch week”, and it seemed as if my career was off to a great start and magic was happening.
I launched, and a week later performed. TWICE!
And then…….
I sat at home and waited for the phone to ring.
And waited…
And waited…
And 2 months later, here I am, still waiting…
Ok, so I don’t LITERALLY sit by my phone.
In my defense, I am still creating more music and videos. And when people see me in a restaurant or supermarket and walk up and tell me how much they love my music, it does slowly feel like my music is spreading. And a handful of people did say “You have to come perform for us”. But that’s where we left it. “Some day”….
So I have been completely passive in going out there and performing.
And what’s the point of a performer if they don’t go out there and um……. perform??
I kept thinking: “If people like the music then they’ll surely call me, right?”
They’ll share it and someone is BOUND to see it and call me, right? If it’s GOOD ENOUGH, then the product speaks for itself, right? WRONG AGAIN!!”
(ugh, I hate being wrong!)

Truth is, NOBODY IS COMING TO SAVE ME! My dream is MINE. And NOBODY believes in it as much as I do cause it was given to ME!

And same with you! Nobody is coming to save you or make YOUR dreams a reality.

They were put in YOUR heart! So that YOU can pursue them!

So I’m sorry “dream”. I’m sorry for leaving you unattended, and hoping someone would pick you up and make you come to life.

I’m sorry for thinking you’d be this “easy”. You are not easy. You are VERY hard to bring down to reality. You test me in my daily life. You test all my deepest fears and greatest weaknesses. But you are WORTH IT!

Because by pursuing you I BECOME who I am meant to TRULY BE!

By pursuing you MY SOUL becomes UNLEASHED!

So this week I am promoting myself. Promoting my dream. To anyone and everyone around. I am reaching out to a bunch of places and I will book performances! On my own!

And as a bonus, if you want to help, feel free to share this as well.

But regardless, I wanted to leave you with this quote, which sums up the Hebrew saying:

“אם אין אני לי מי לי”

“Nobody is coming to save you. Get up.Be your own hero.”


So…. what’s YOUR dream? Now go after it

*PDF available – click here to get in touch if interested in the performance.

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