Doing nothing is the Best Something


The past couple of weeks I’ve been doing a lot of slowing down and doing nothing. 

And even though sometimes I’m scared of that cause I’m under the illusion that if I stop then I’ll lose everything I’ve worked for, it’s actually one of the best things I could have done.

It finally gave my mind a chance to quiet down, and turn down the volume of all the voices in my head and around me telling me what else I ‘SHOULD’ be doing.

Once my head was quiet, I was finally able to hear what my heart was whispering to me all along.

It was clear, and simple, and brilliant.

I can’t share what that is yet cause it’s “in the works”. 

But if you ever try so hard to find the answer with your mind and it’s not working, perhaps try slowing down a bit. 

Create some silence. 

Some nothingness. 

Some space.

Cause when you silence the outside world, your own voice will soon start to emerge. Your heart’s whispers.

Guiding you back to your OWN true path.Trust yourself. Your heart really does know the way.

(quote by Karen Salmansohn)

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