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BS”D THE RESULTS ARE IN!!! Remember the “concerts” that I committed to booking in last week’s post? I told myself that I’d book 3 to 5 concerts by Sunday. And to make myself accountable, I told three friends of mine

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Doing nothing is the Best Something

BS”D The past couple of weeks I’ve been doing a lot of slowing down and doing nothing.  And even though sometimes I’m scared of that cause I’m under the illusion that if I stop then I’ll lose everything I’ve worked

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Nobody is coming to save us.

BS”D     Although I share my journey openly with you guys, I have to say, I really don’t like doing it, cause it means showing all of myself – the wins and the FAILS (which are so humiliating to

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Jumping of a Cliff

BS”D Last week I jumped off a cliff. I wanted to test myself. Test my limits. I wanted to see if I am truly making a change in myself, or if it’s all just “talk”. So I decided to go

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Trade Your Expectations for Appreciation

BS”D Do you ever just need silence?Sometimes I just need silence.I can’t focus or create with people around me, moving, talking, making noise. I need silence. So today I came to the library.What better place to seek silence than a

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