A week of disconnecting and remembering

The week has been full of fun times with the kids. I usually try so hard to get nice pictures so we have nice memories.

But I looked at my phone, and somehow this is the best I’ve got this time . Three kids are not even looking at the camera.

But I’ve been more concerned with “living” in the moment, than capturing the moments while missing them in reality.

So while this is all I’ve got on my phone, I’ll never forget the experience that’s well ingrained in my memory. “A week of disconnecting and remembering what life’s truly about.

“Cause to be honest, my new career has been so exciting for me and has felt like Such a blessing, that I *almost forgot what’s an even bigger blessing.. My family.. And the time I have not spent with them lately.

It’s a new reality that I’m learning to balance. It used to be that since I got married my family was all I had to balance, plus a few tiny projects here and there. But now I have a whole new world that’s just opened up with my music.

And while it has filled me up and made me SOOOOOO incredibly happy, I DEFINITELY need to be careful that I don’t neglect my main priority. Cause it’s addicting to work in something that you love so much. You can lose yourself in it. I’m sure some of you guys can relate.

Either way, just sharing my thoughts.. I’m learning as I’m going.

Following dreams is amazing and so fulfilling, and I love growing in that.

But once, years ago, my BIG dream was getting married and having a family. And I don’t want to forget to continue to enjoy the dreams I’ve ALREADY accomplished, just cause there are new ones I’m going after.

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