Touching and inspiring Jewish women’s   souls through music

Inspiring women to see G-d walking them through life… A spiritual musical experience that will leave you BELIEVING in the bigger purpose you have for your life.

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My songs are the prayers of my soul.
Love songs to HaShem.

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Upcoming Performances


Check back soon for updates on my upcoming virtual and in person performances.

Hi! I'm Yaara

A speaker, singer/songwriter and BIG believer in your soul’s unique mission.

Sometimes in life there are moments. Moments where words just don’t seem enough on their own. It’s in those moments when songs are born.

I’ve always written songs about my experiences and have always wanted to share them with others, but I never really believed I could do it. Plus, motherhood and life took over, and I put this dream on a shelf for many years.

Then, a couple of years ago, I went through an indescribably hard time. It was then that I wrote “neshama tehora”. That song healed me, and I knew then and there that the time had come. I couldn’t keep this to myself anymore. More than ever before, I longed to share my stories and songs with other women.

It felt like these songs were gifts from HaShem. They gave me hope, helped me heal, and inspired me to live life in a more beautiful way than ever before. Aligned with my soul.

I’ve discovered that throughout every “episode” in my life where things seem to have lost control, I’ve been GUIDED. In EVERY step of the way. Things happened that today looking back at them I’m in awe of exactly just how guided I was. And I realized how all those times when things seemed bad, they were actually the greatest gifts in life. Cause it was in those special moments that my deeper, stronger and most beautiful parts were revealed.

And so, what started out as one of the hardest times of my life, became one of the greatest gifts of my life. It pushed me to pursue my passion of sharing my soul’s songs and inspiring women.

Now, I give talks and sing my songs to Jewish women. I share my experiences, inspire with my songs and stories, and empower women to believe in themselves at a greater level.

My biggest prayer is that these songs touch your soul, remind you of your own truth, your strength and beauty, and help you shine your special light so we can all see it.

Because you CAN overcome your biggest challenges in life, AND create the biggest dreams you desire, if you just BELIEVE.

You have unlimited power and great beauty. I hope through my journey and songs you are inspired to find your special light and shine it brightly. Cause the world just wouldn’t be the same without it.

Experience Yaara's Music

Virtual Performances

Now that the world has shifted, virtual performances are actually a “thing”! I can speak and sing to you from my living room, and am able to reach you no matter where in the world you are! There’s something extra intimate and special about these types of performances, when everyone is in the comfort of their own home, watching a LIVE concert. I can also read your comments in the chat, answer questions, and even take requests for songs! To book a virtual concert please click below.

Live Women's Concerts

Nothing like a LIVE concert! Where we all get to congregate together and feel the energy of a room full of women while I share my stories up close and personal, and sing live with all the works!

Watch the Music Video

Check out my debut music video below and subscribe to Yaara Music on YouTube for music videos, lyric videos and more!

Taamini Song List

1. Mekomot 04:11
2. Nishmat 04:27
3. Toda 03:12
4. Melech HaOlam 04:33
5. Az Yashir 03:41
6. Taamini 05:03
7. Tov Lehodot 04:04
8. Neshama Tehora 03:44
9. Arafel 04:19
10. Hearta Oti 03:57


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Planning a melaveh malkah? Women’s event? Having a retreat? I sing and play the piano and guitar! If you’d like to invite me to perform in your community, complete the form below to get in touch!

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